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Fulfilling a dog’s mental, emotional, and physical needs is the key to building a trusting, respectful and loving relationship with them. Whether your dog has separation anxiety, reactivity problems or are just looking to improve obedience, training sessions are based upon continual assessment of your dog’s unique personality and behaviours and will educate you on the rules, tools and techniques for you to become the owner your dog needs. I use behavioural training and dog psychology, with the goal of helping you better understand your dog.


Services available in English and Spanish within Madrid - Almendra central

Dog walking

Structured dog walks help fulfil a dog’s physical, emotional and mental needs. These types of walks foster a calm state of mind, better impulse control and lower reactivity . Always working with the mantra of Follow, Play, Explore.

Initial in person meet and greet included free of charge.

45 min: €15 | 60 min: €19

Dog Training

We work with your dog to correct unwanted behaviours while educating and empowering you, the owners, to be the leader your dog needs. Using a mix of training techniques based on your dog's individual needs. Always focused on the foundation of trust, respect and love.

Initial in person consultation free of charge.

1.5 hrs: €67

Puppy Training Pack

Help your new puppy grow into a calm, confident and well-behaved dog by learning to understand and responsibly manage their behaviour. Puppy classes teach good manners ,toilet training, socialisation to touch and new experiences, focus work, basic obedience and much more!

Initial in person meet and greet included free of charge. This can happen before your new best friend arrives.

4 x 60 min sessions €150



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